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Dinner Time!!!

“I want noodles!”, “I want hot dogs!” “I don’t eat that!”, “I want takeout!”

Food is one of the things that bring us together. There is nothing as hearty as having a nice warm meal with your loved ones after a long day in the office. Dinner with the kids lets you on the things they were up to in dance class during the day. Such a relaxed setting allows them to open up and say whatever is bugging or is thrilling to them.

We put very little emphasis on the importance of food, not knowing that the lack of this basic need can lead to several misunderstandings in society, starting with our very homes. Rather than struggle to find the perfect balance between home life and work, how about you whip up a tasty meal for your little ones, and see how they dish out information without struggling.

It matters not what you are preparing, as long as it is tasty, you are good to go. However, you have to ensure that you meet the nutritional needs of each child in your home. Take for example, kids who are part of the little league or a dance class. The rigorous activities call for lots of starch to provide enough energy to keep them going. Others who partake in mental activities such as science club will benefit more from bodybuilding foods. However, some nutrients are essential for kids of any age, so do not make meals discriminatively.

So, the next time you want to impress your kids, first think whether the meal will provide the essential nutrients they require to stay healthy and keep up with their daily activities. Of course, ensure that you do not get labeled the boring mom or dad, so find attractive ways to make and present even the most unattractive foods if you want them to go down someone's throat.

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