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Gumbo & Jambalaya!

Creole culture is practiced by people in Louisiana, and especially those who lived there before the city was acquired by United States.

The people who lived in Louisiana were Africans, Spanish, French and European Natives. The interaction of these races culminated to the blending of cultures .The blending of cultures mainly influenced the culinary and culture of the people.

The two main dishes that are identified with the creoles are the Gumbo and Jambalaya. Gumbo is a soup that is usually prepared using seafood or chicken and okra for adding flavor. Traditionally, okra was the main ingredient in this dish. Okra was used as a flavoring and thickening agent.

However, due to modernization, the dish has evolved and currently, you can prepare the gumbo without using okra as the flavoring ingredient. Alternatively, you can use a ``Louisiana spice” called ``file” to add flavor .Roux, a mixture of fat and flour is used to thicken the soup after cooking if the soup is too watery. Gumbo should be thick and looks more of stew.

During the summer, people prefer preparing the dish using seafood. This is because during summer, okra is usually available and thus therefore promotes the Preparation of the dish through the old-style method. During winter, the people prefer preparing dish using chicken and substitute okra with the modern spice.

Jambalaya is a main dish , and it's a rice dish that is prepared using chicken or sea food, Traditionally, I use tomatoes, onions, peppers and hot chili to add flavor. The meat and rice are cooked together in a slow cooker to enable circulation of flavor and taste from the ingredients.

This dish is very common in Louisiana. Louisiana holds a jambalaya festival each year and many people visit the city to experience their cuisines. The festival has held to preserve the creole cuisine.

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