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Sea Food


These recipes are easy and will and may allow you to sit down and fill your plate faster than you can say “Y’all"  Authentic southern food is delivered from a great southern tradition. Southern cooking is very multicultural, diverse and steeped in love.   

Delicious Southern Food
For Everyone

What comes to your mind when you think of southern food? Is it not the classic and comfort foods? I think of country living, family, and tons of love and laughter.


Some of my favorite foods include buttermilk fried chicken, Chicken pilau, and creamed corn. These quick recipes are easy to make So, if you have the appetite for Shrimp and Grits, okra and tomatoes or deviled eggs this is the place for you!!

IMG_20171231_180925_575 1.jpg
crab boil.jpg

Steak and Rice!
Simply Delicious

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